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A day to eat biscuits much is appropriate?

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  Usually people choose love crackers as a snack, in addition to its good taste but also supplement the energy outside the body needs, but do not underestimate the calorie cookies, and some kind of built-in fat content but alarmingly high. I am so unknowingly hoarding fat. So eating cookies should eat their method can be healthy for you to add energy. The following will teach you Yizhaobanshi:
  1. The high-fat waffles
  The wafer cream fat content is very high, each one has 43 kilocalories, and low density, enough to eat, so eat more is not easy to detect. In fact, three heat chocolate wafer had more than 200 calories.
  2. Butter Cream sugar and high fat
  Cream usually very high in sugar, calories cheese cake two on up to 185 calories, and high content of artificial colors, eat is not healthy. Therefore, only when the snack crackers, cookies generally too dry, easily lead to "hot" (lit). The main nutritional biscuits and only carbohydrates, not enough balanced nutrition.
  How to prevent it?
  (1), try to choose low-fat, low-sugar and low-calorie biscuits to buy biscuits. Just pay attention to the packaging of the nutrition label, do not choose high-fat choices, high sugar and high-calorie varieties on it.
  (2), drink plenty of water, as I said, too little water biscuits, be sure to drink plenty of water to send fire. In addition, the moisture to make the cake of starch made large, easy to eat, so you can control the amount included.
All in all, though delicious cookies, but eat less and taste, eat bad belly, nutrients carefully lit or too high. Want a happy, perfectly healthy to eat cookies, it must be a moderation. .
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