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Cookies purchase method

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  Qiao measure how much fat tissue
  Associate Professor of Food Science, China Agricultural University, FAN Zhi said the election biscuits must seriously look at the ingredients and nutritional content described on the package. Biscuit flour is generally fine white powder, low nutritional value. If the ingredients added to milk, nuts, whole grains or beans, you can improve the nutritional value of the biscuits.
  In addition to flour, but also to distinguish between fat cookies used. Relatively good ordinary vegetable oil, butter, lard, butter and other animal fats saturated fatty acids high nutritional value lower. The shortening, margarine, hydrogenated vegetable oils may contain trans fatty acids it is the most unhealthy.
  Want to know the fat content is not difficult, with a tissue wrap biscuits, with a lot of the heavy pressure, such as the infiltration of oil in a short time to the paper, indicating where the saturated fatty acid content is high, adverse health.
  Compounding ingredients biscuits should carefully review the various flavors of biscuits substantially from the flavor and color. Chocolate biscuits is not necessarily true of the production of cocoa butter, cocoa butter substitutes are likely to be produced imitation chocolate and cocoa butter which often contain trans fatty acids. In contrast, it contains vegetables, savory and sweet lighter, low fat crackers healthy.
  Cereal biscuits Look fiber content
  Eat whole grains wholesome view has gained on the market, there are many claims that "high fiber" coarse grain cereal biscuits. But if advertised on the packaging so-called whole wheat, oats, rye, corn and other raw materials biscuits, ranked last in the list of ingredients in several years, it may not be true grain crackers.
  Fan Zhihong to analyze an example of a cookie, the list of ingredients as "wheat flour, sugar, butter, vegetable shortening, peanut, whey powder, salt and so on." From this it can be seen in the list of ingredients, the first ingredient is biscuit wheat flour, white sugar is the second, and the third is the vegetable shortening. And so on, the less the content of the rankings on the list. Thus, when buying high-fiber cereal biscuits depends on the fiber content of the list of nutrients, is not less than 5 grams of high-fiber biscuits. There are sugar. Whether sugar, glucose syrup, maltose syrup, starch syrup, corn syrup, simple sugars are contained energy, health effect is the same, then some companies use other substitute sugar syrup, then known as "sugar-free foods," sugar-free biscuits really sugar-free? In fact, when you buy carefully.
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